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The site was founded in 2005, though I’ve been blogging since around 2000 and creating [rather hideous] sites long before that.

Writings and Musings is just my little nook on the interwebz. I write about things that are of interest to me but rarely of a day-to-day, personal nature. It started off as a place to write articles or long-form blogs on pop culture and using it as a portfolio when I was a new grad looking for a job in some sort of writing capacity. That ship has kind of sailed so now I write about anything.

Even though my current career path has led me away from writing as a profession, I still have aspirations to write a book. On something (probably memoir-ish since I am really inspired by the works of authors like David Sedaris, David Rakoff, Chuck Klosterman, etc). Some day. But in the meantime, this is where I write. To quote “The Oprah”, you have to follow your passion. I’m hoping to use that line of thought as my guiding principle in life.

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My name is Bev. A 20-almost-30-something nope actually 30-something now, born and raised in Canada. I have a dog named Penny and work in advertising, more specifically, digital advertising (the views expressed in this blog do not reflect those of my employer, typical disclaimer, blah blah blah). When I was in university, I thought working in advertising would be the most glamorous job This was way before Mad Men came out too. Ironically, I was also into the works of Naomi Klein (i.e. No Logo) back then as well. Now that I’ve been working in this industry for about 7 years, the glamour part has definitely worn off but I do still get excited about really creative, unique ad campaigns when they do come around.

I love traveling. You could say I was bit by the travel bug after my trip to Thailand and while that wasn’t my first vacation overseas, it was the one that really opened my eyes to what being outside of my comfort zone is all about. I got to meet other travelers who were really passionate about travel and their enthusiasm rubbed off on me. I have dreams of taking a year off work, purchasing a round-the-world ticket, and just take off. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the guts to do it quite yet.


Countries I’ve Been to (as of January 2017)

Another dream I have is to get my own show on The Food Network where I go around everywhere, eating things. The premise of the show would be similar to when Oprah used to send out Gayle in search of the best hamburgers, pies, pizzas, cupcake, etc etc. I would use a lot of catchphrases like, “THERE’S A PARTY IN MY MOUTH AND EVERYONE’S INVITED” and “YUMMERS LIKE A G6” (a take on Rachael Ray’s “yummo”). This would combine two of my favourite things: eating and traveling. It could even combine three of my favourite things, if I could also become Oprah’s best friend and she commissions me to do these missions (I could easily also do this show on OWN – the Oprah Winfrey Network for those not in the know).

Oh and one last thing, I am a tad obsessed with Stephen Colbert — but not to the point of needing to get a restraining order against me. However, I DID once pounce out of a parking entrance’s shadows with a camera and his I Am America and So Can You book (which I got signed!), but it totally wasn’t in a threatening way. At least I hope he didn’t take it that way…

Stephen Colbert and Oprah are national treasures.


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I enjoy pop culture and traveling so mainly I blog about that.

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