A retrospect of 2015

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In 2015 was pretty fun.

There was a lot of trips.

Work was nuts.

And it went by kinda quickly.







I got to do a fair amount of traveling, mostly for work.

In April 2015, I visited San Francisco for a work event and got to visit Silicon Valley where my company has their headquarters. I also made it out to visit Alcatraz Island and the Full House house!


In September 2015, I went to New York City –again for work– but I got to see the Ed Sullivan Theater all changed from the old David Letterman signage to the new Late Show with Stephen Colbert signage. (I love Stephen Colbert!) I also managed to get tickets to the show, twice, once for the first month of being on air, but didn’t end up going. :\

It was kind of a bummer of a NYC trip, on the personal non-work related level, in that I didn’t manage to get any rush tickets for any broadway shows when I usually luck out in that department. Failed miserably to get into Fun Home (which had great buzz), Wicked, and Aladdin.

In November 2015, I was chosen at work to go on a Global Exchange to the APAC region so I got to work out of the Taipei and Singapore office for a week each.

With the Singapore team


At Din Tai Fung (a famous dumpling restaurant that originated in Taiwan) with the Taipei team

More pictures and posts on my Tumblr.

And in late November 2015 (with only a week in-between trips), I went to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Quest (with G Adventures) – PURA VIDA!

Professionally, it was a tumultuous year. It was my first full year in that role but there were many, many changes. Three plus-ish quarters of almost drowning in workload due to these changes. But overall, work culture has improved and it’s starting to feel a bit more like my old job where I really felt part of close-knit work environment.

I got to volunteer in October for the Big City Improv Festival. Got to see some amazing improv troupes do their craft and also made me realize I need to get back into improv.

Family and friends were good. Some friends I’ve somewhat lost touch with. I got to help out with one of my friend’s proposal to his girlfriend which involved a lot of pugs. I met new buddies on my G Adventures trip and on my work exchange trip. My dog is still healthy and much more behaved now, well at least where it comes to the secret pooping.

I discovered more of a passion for fitness this year, after I realized that going to just mainly Bodyflow classes actually made me gain weight. So I got back into cardio classes like Bodycombat and weight-training classes like Bodypump, throwing in Bodyflow here and there.

I also discovered I really enjoy video-making. On my Costa Rica trip, I was filming a lot more of my activities and I think moving forward, I will try to do that more on fun activities and improve on my video-editing skills.

I got back into biking and biked to a lot more places (while still being scared about getting hit by a car). Rode my bike to High Park a few times, Bloor/Spadina and around my hood. Still haven’t gotten the nerve to ride to work yet.

Goals for 2016

I rarely keep up with my resolutions when it’s stuff like “go to the gym 3x a week” but I’ll just throw out a goal for this year.

  • Remember I have this blog and write more in it. I realized that when my domain expired and I needed to renew it, I hadn’t written in this thing for about 2 years! Yikes!
  • Visit another new continent. I’ve visited North America (duh), Central America (though often it’s recognized as just part of North America), Asia, and Europe. Thus I still need to visit Africa, Australia, South America and Antarctica. Australia requires quite a commitment of time off work for the flight down there and the impending jet lag so I am thinking that will be a trip for when I get a sabbatical. Antarctica requires quite a financial commitment. So I’m thinking South America or Africa this year?

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