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I’m on the precipice of a new age bracket — my thirties. I’m just going to postpone that for a few months since I’m not ready to turn 30 yet but that’s besides the point. I think this significant milestone in my life has made me think about my own mortality (also, because looking at the world, and the crazy things happening in it as of late, it’s something I think about more often).

The Before I Die project is kind of inspiring. It’s basically the idea of a bucket list but a more collaborative feel to it. So instead of doing a boring old new year’s resolution list that I know I will break in a month, I thought I’d just put together a bucket list of things I want to do before I am dead.

Yes, I realize how it may seem kind of ironic to write about a bucket list after a post about how YOLO annoys me.

Without further adieu, my list in no particular order. To be updated as time goes on!

  1. Be within poking distance of a penguin (preferably in its natural habitat but I don’t mind a captive penguin either)
  2. Write and publish something – book, article, something
  3. Hang glide or para glide
  4. Sing in an a cappella group
  5. Meet Oprah (by meet, I mean actually get to have a conversation with her and not just hyperventilate in excitement near her or tweet each other) DONE! On April 13, 2013
  6. Visit Machu Picchu
  7. Relax in a natural hot spring
  8. Watch a sunrise from somewhere beautiful
  9. Hang out with a llama (inspired by this Sesame Street segment)
  10. Spend a year traveling (or living somewhere abroad for long-term)
  11. Visit the Great Wall of China
  12. Take a pottery class
  13. Do something philanthropic, really make a difference for someone or something
  14. Participate in a flash mob
  15. Go to Rio De Janeiro for Carnival
  16. Milk a cow
  17. Grape stomp
  18. See the Spice Girls perform one last time
  19. Find my passion and make a living from it
  20. Be in the audience for The Colbert Report
  21. Play dodge ball on a trampoline
  22. Get abs of steel (not like Ms Olympia type abs, because that’d be frightening on me, and not forever, but just visible abs for an amount of time would be cool)
  23. Go inside a cool treehouse
  24. Own two dogs at once
  25. Get a job at a notable web 2.0 company like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, etc.
  26. Play with a miniature pony
  27. Take an improv class DONE! In the summer of 2013, I took improv classes at Second City
  28. Try voluntourism. Preferably volunteering with penguins.


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