Contour Design iSee-video case for 5g iPods

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The iSee video case is by Contour Designs, who also make the well-regarded Contour Showcase. I’ve had a Contour Showcase for my 4th generation iPod and it was a great case in terms of protection, but added a helluva lot more bulk to the otherwise slim iPod. The Contour Showcase for the 5th generation iPod is currently not yet available for distribution, and although I was pleased with the case, I decided to get the other case available from Contour Designs — the iSee. Previous iSees sort of sucked, because you had to push the iPod through the top, thereby causing more scratches on the iPod (though they later added some film, to wrap the iPod in, with the packaging). However, these new iSee cases are two piece shells that snapped together, like the Agent 18 cases.

Anyhow, since I didn’t like silicone cases (not so great experiences with them on my 4G) nor leather cases nor metal cases, I decided to stick with clear plastic cases. It was a toss up between the Agent 18 Videoshield and the Contour Design iSee. The Agent 18 has frosted plastic everywhere except the screen, which is good in theory because it hides the easily scratched plastic better but it also takes away from the “beauty” of the iPod (especially if you’ve got a black iPod, as I do). A plus side for the iSee as contrasted with the Agent 18 is that this comes with a clip (not shown in the below pictures). I haven’t tried the clip yet because I haven’t figured how to secure it on, so I’ll just use it without the clip for now. I ordered mine from an eBay seller named avindigo for just $21.99 USD, a few bucks cheaper than the MSRP of $24.99 USD.

The case is very low profile and light, it’s like an extension of the iPod. It showcases the iPod, rather than hides it away such as in the case of leather or silicone cases. I’ve read that these kind of plastic cases can cause further scratches to the iPod, that is, if you put a “naked” iPod in there. So for those of us who are fervent about keeping the iPod in as pristine condition as possible or trying to keep its resale value up, just simply use a thin film protector on it (I use the Brando ones, as reviewed in a previous entry).

Perhaps this is just with mine, but something about the case pushes up the film protectors on the sides on the front, causing a slight air bubble on those two points. When I remove the case and stick down those spots, putting it in the case again just makes the air bubble reappear after awhile. A bit annoying, but oh well.

Removing the iSee People have complained about how hard it is to remove the case. I didn’t find that to be a problem! As per the instructions from a user on iLounge, simply turn the case towards you with the hold switch facing you and with your thumb and index finger in an X, have your thumb push down and index finger push up. It should come right off. UPDATED! A VIDEO TO DEMONSTRATE how to remove the case.

As with all clear plastic cases, this case is scratch-prone. I’ve had it for a day and already, little hairline scratches are showing! It doesn’t detract from the screen quality though (not yet at least) and it’s only really visible under certain lights.

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    I love the iPod and this case is really nice. Thanks for the info, I’m sold on it already!


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