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Non-traumatic things that have made me weep uncontrollably

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After reading Mindy Kaling’s “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns)“, and reading her chapter on this topic, I thought I’d make my own list. Yep, totally stealing her idea.

There are certain obvious non-traumatic things that make me cry like, for example, movies like The Notebook and The Help, songs like Eric Clapton’s Tears in Heaven and those commercials with the sad abused animals and the Sarah McLachlan song playing in the background. Let’s ignore those because those are just givens (unless you are a robot and have robot emotions).

Imagine Me & You (2005)

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If you love romantic comedies, you’ll probably love Imagine Me & You. While it does feature a wedding in the beginning and then finding true love at the end, plotted out in somewhat predictable fashion, the “chase” inbetween these two events is delightful to watch. The concept of the film is love at first sight. That a person can feel so greatly connected with another person through one mere look. Granted, this film concept isn’t all that avant-garde since there have been plenty before with the same theme, but in Imagine Me & You, this is a story about love at first sight between two females. It actually kind of reminds me of another Piper Perabo movie, Lost and Delirious, which focuses on the concept of love that surpasses gender boundaries and is just love in its purest form, between two people regardless of gender (and other variables).

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